Web Print

To print from your own laptop to one of the school Multi Functional Devices (MFDs) go to the school intranet page:

https://schoolweb.rgsw.org.uk and click Portals then Web print.

1) At the login screen enter your RGS username and password.

2) From the menu on the left hand side of the page, select Web Print.

3) Select Submit a job.

4) Select either the Colour or Mono printer from the list then click 2. Print Options

5) Enter the number of copies and then click 3. Upload Documents

6) Drag the required files into the window or click upload from computer to browse files on your laptop.

Please note: Only certain file types will be accepted for printing. A full list of file types is listed on the screen at this stage. All standard Microsoft file and PDFs are accepted.

7) Once successfully uploaded, the print job is held in a queue until it is released on one of the MFD’s using your ID card or RGS username and password.