Releasing a job

Print jobs from an iPad can be ‘released’ at any of the MFDs located at any of the RGS schools.

What is an MFD?

MFD stands for Multi Functional Device. These devices can be printed to from an iPad, a mobile phone, laptop and any desktop computers at RGS. They also photocopy and can scan documents and images directly to your email address.

Why do I have to release my print job?

Print jobs are held in a queue until you decide you want it. This prevents a lot of paper from being wasted and also allows you to release the print job at a location in the school to suit you.

Where are they located?

There are MFDs located at all three schools:

RGS Worcester - The Library, Art department and the Computing & IT department. Staff have access to MFDs in Science and Reprographics as well. 

RGS The Grange - The balcony by the IT suite, in the Staff common-room and in the Old Building.

RGS Springfield - The IT Suite and in Reception

How do I release my print job?

Step 1: On the touch screen attached to the MFD. Tap Username and Password. Alternatively, if you have an ID Card, scan your card on the card scanner to automatically log in.

Step 2: Tap Print all on the screen to release your print jobs.