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  • Printing from a shared account

Printing from a shared account

When you print a document, you will need to choose the shared account to assign the job to. 

Once you have clicked print, the Papercut screen will pop up. In Print Job Actions, you will see a drop-down menu next to Account that says "Select the shared account to charge..."

Click on the drop-down menu and select the Shared Account you wish to charge the printing to. 

Once you have chosen the Shared Account, this will now be active in the Account section, now click print.

The second Papercut box will pop up to confirm that you wish to print it in Colour. Provided you are sure you want to print in colour, click print again. You can now go to the printer and release the job. 

To view the remaining balances of the shared accounts you have access to (only the colour balance will be displayed), click onto Account balances either from the Papercut balance window or by right clicking the Papercut icon in the menu bar and choosing Account balances.