Why Can't I print?

Do you have the Papercut application running on your desktop/laptop? If you have not got the papercut application installed on your laptop/desktop - go here to download it.


You have sent a job to the printer but it has not printed.


Check that the Papercut application is running.

Mac users:

Check if the Papercut app is open at the top of the screen. It will be black if it is open. 

If this is not visible, locate PCClient in the applications folder and open it.

The application should now open each time you login. If it does not, launch the PCClient app and press and hold onto the Papercut icon in the dock and select Options - Open at login.

You can attempt to download and install the software yourself. Click here to download.

If you cannot locate the PCClient or install the software, please contact ICT.

Windows users:

Check that the Papercut icon is the task bar.


If this is not showing, open the application from the Start bar. Click Start, All Programs, Papercut MF then click the Papercut MF Client.

Screen Shot 2012-09-03 at 22.38.59.png

You can attempt to download and install the software yourself. Click here to download.

If you cannot locate the Papercut MF Client then please contact ICT.

When the Papercut app is running, the window displaying the balance of your account should also be visible.

papcut cost.png

What is papercut?

Papercut is piece of software in use by over 40000 academic institutions which allows for copying/printing to managed and monitored. The version we are using is MF. Lots of information is available online here.

Why are we using papercut?

We have been using a version of Papercut to help us record our printing usage and to help us understand and record printing activity. The version of Papercut which will will now use also enables us to control access to MFD's. It allows us to direct printing to the most appropriate device.

How will charging operate?

Individuals (both pupils and staff) will be allocated a printing allowance/budget. These budgets have been based on last years actual use. Each time you print you will be alerted to the cost of printing, and the various other options available to you. You will also be alerted to your current balance.

We will also be setting up departmental and activity based shared accounts, which certain pupils/staff will have access to. In certain academic departments, for example Art and Textiles, we will setup print release stations so that staff can monitor and release pupils jobs as they see fit.

At this point it is not our intention to alter the way printing/copying is generally charged to departments.

What do I need to do differently?

Not a great deal. The system is fairly intuitive. You need to have the Papercut PCClient running on your computer.

Will Denise still do my copying for me in Reprographics.

Yes she will, but where possible, please submit jobs to her electronically via email.

Can I still print in colour?

Yes. But we want you to be aware of the cost, and ask you print in colour when necessary, rather than by default.

What about confidential documents?

When documents are printed to MFD’s, paper will not start squirting out until you the user, authenticate yourself at the machine.

Where can I scan - why would I want to scan?

All MFD’s can be used to scan documents to generate PDF’s and JPEGS. By scanning a document and creating a digital copy you are free to distribute your pdf via email/website as necessary and convenient. You don't have to print everything out anymore.

Scan anything in - email it to as many people as you like, or upload to Schoolweb - FREE!