Restriction Suggestions

Below we detail which restrictions we propose parents enable and disable. Teachers will not expect a pupil to be able to install any Apps at school. If a member of staff asks the IT Department to purchase and deploy a new App to a pupil, the IT Dept will do so via the App Catalogue. The respective teacher will eMail parents informing them a new App is to be deployed. When the iPad is brought home parents are then asked to disable restrictions temporarily, install the required App, then re-enable restrictions.

We suggest that the following Apps remain on, allowing access to these functions on the iPad (as shown in the image):

  1. Safari
  2. Camera
  3. Siri & Dictation
  4. AirDrop

We suggest that the following Apps are turned off:

  1. FaceTime
  2. iTunes Store
  3. Apple Music Connect
  4. iBooks Store
  5. Podcasts
  6. News
  7. Installing Apps
  8. Deleting Apps
  9. In App Purchases