Blocking websites

It is possible to block websites on an iPhone/iPad that contain adult content. 

To do this, tap Settings.

Tap General then Websites

You can either specify a list of specific websites that you would like your son/daughter to be able to access or tap the Limit Adult Content option.

Once you have tapped this, you then have options to Always allow or Never allow specific websites. Tap Add a Website under Never allow.

As an example, I have entered Youtube to be blocked. Type the web address and click Done.

Please note:

We do not know which websites are automatically blocked by Apples Adult content filter but some sites such as News sites can be blocked. If you find sites that are blocked but you would like to allow your son/daughter access then please follow the steps above but add the Web address to the Always allow list.

If a site is blocked the message shown below will be displayed. If you wish to temporarily allow this site, you can do this by tapping Allow Website and then enter the Restrictions passcode.