Parent Guides

These guides have been prepared by our Computing and IT department, at the request of parents, to offer, in one place all the relevant information to enable Parents to ensure their son or daughters iPad is set up appropriately.

Our aim has been to attempt to simplify, in so far as is possible the information contained in this guide and to avoid unnecessary complication or use of technical language. However, by its very nature this is a guide relating to technical issues. I encourage parents to be brave enough to read both the rationale detailed herewith, as well as cross reference the options we advise you turn on or off on your child’s iPad. Our ultimate goal is to make it all as easy and seamless for the learner as possible.

Some elements of the guides may not be applicable for children of all age groups.

Can I stress this is a guide, and our current suggested best practise. Please be aware as vendors, including Apple, either enhance or alter their feature sets, we may need to revise the advice contained within this guide. You may choose to deviate from what we have suggested, as determined by individual needs and circumstances, that is perfectly acceptable. Please be aware this guide is written for devices using iOS 9.

A PDF of the guide is available to download by clicking the link below or you can view individual guides from the navigation panel.

Parents guide to setting up the Child's iPad

We continue to welcome feedback and suggestion from our Parent body. If you have an idea, or think we could/should do something differently, or indeed better, please do get in touch.

Chris Smith - IT Services Manager