We strongly urge all parents ensure their pupil's iPad is insured against loss, theft and accidental screen damage. We have teamed up with Goldfinch Technology who provide parents with both an iPad and relevant insurance. This is our recommended route for parents/pupils without an iPad.

If you already have an iPad, we suggest you check the fine print of your Household Insurance. Do make sure it covers accidental damage to the iPad as well as screen repairs. It is possible for parents to insure iPads they already own. Full details can be found on the Compucover Website

Repair costs

Below are approximate repair costs for different models of iPads. If a screen is cracked on a more recent model of iPad, it is no longer possible to just replace the screen. The screen and the LCD must be replaced which does increase the cost significantly, therefore we highly recommend you have sufficient home insurance or a Compucover policy.

iPad Air and below: £60 (Screen only)

Air 2: Screen & LCD £170

iPad Pro 9.7": Screen & LCD £275

iPad Mini - £50: Screen & LCD