ID Cards

All RGS Pupils at the Senior School will be issued with a Photo ID Security Card. The credit card sized card contains a photo of the relevant pupil, along with their date of birth and the date the card was issued. All new pupils receive an ID Security Card when they start at RGS. 

These cards are not a direct like for like replacement for the previously issued Lunch Cards, they contain a chip, enabling them to be recognised by certain door access and security systems. Each card is therefore linked to a pupil. Also on the card is a QR code which links to a secure page on Schoolweb, providing details to the owner about the RGS pupil identity card scheme.

The card will be used for a number of functions. Cards will no longer be issued annually, but rather as necessary.

Please note, although we will issue lanyards to pupils to use if they wish, we are not asking pupils to wear their ID Cards on Lanyards around their necks when they are at school. It is only staff who are required to display their ID Cards.


Lunch Access: Each day when a pupil goes into lunch (regardless of whether the pupil has lunch every day, or as a one off), the pupil will be asked to swipe his/her card against one of the two card readers.

Using MFDs (Photocopiers): Pupils are able to use their cards to release printing from the ‘follow me’ colour and B&W queues.

Door access: Pupils are able to access the RGS Campus and specific buildings through the door access control system.

Library System: Pupils are able to sign books in and out of the library with their ID cards.

Q&A for pupils.

What do I do if I lose my card?
See the School Receptionist to cancel your original card and arrange to collect another. Replacement cards will be issued within 24 hours at a cost of £5 per card.

What do I do if I want lunch and I do not have my ID card?
Initially you will need to sign the sheet the Duty Prefect will be holding, this arrangement may be subject to change once the system beds in.

What do I do if I don’t normally have lunch, but want lunch today?
Line up in the queue like everyone else and go and have lunch. Your parents will be charged accordingly.

Do I need to bring my card to school every day?