How many hours per day might a pupil be using an iPad for?

We will not be judging the success of the programme based on pupils' screen time, but rather learning outcomes.

It will not be used in every lesson, all lesson. In some classes the iPad may remain firmly embedded in the school bag, in others it may be out on the desk for most of the lesson. Many of the uses will involve using the video camera or working collaboratively with other students. A lesson with heavy iPad use may see it used as a quizzing tool at the start, to carry out 10 minutes of independent research in the middle and to exchange or photograph written work to swap with a fellow student to peer assess at the end.

The use of the device will depend upon the pupils, the teacher, the class, the topic being studied and how best both the teacher and pupil judge to use the iPad.

What happens if my child arrives for lessons with an iPad that has no charge?

This will be of considerable disappointment to the pupil the first time this occurs!

Our research suggests that pupils rarely repeat this error twice, and will then diligently charge their device when they get home each evening.

Charging my iPad at school

We ask all pupils to bring their iPads to School fully charged every day. However, there may be the odd occasion when you iPad runs out of battery. Pupils are not permitted to bring their own cables, batteries or chargers into school unless they have been PAT tested by the RGS Maintenance Department. At the Senior School pupils may leave their iPad with an IT technician who will charge, or part charge their iPad for them. A charging station is also provided in the Library for pupil use.

How will you ensure pupils’ use of the iPad in class is appropriate?

In exactly the same way that good order is maintained currently to ensure we maximise opportunities for our learners.

At times pupils may well be told to leave their iPad in their bag, or for example have it flat on the desk with the cover closed, or flat on the desk surface so that the teacher is confident the camera sees only the surface of the table. We will educate our pupils, such that they want to partake constructively in all learning opportunities. We will encourage learners to take responsibility for their own actions.

All pupils must register their devices on our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution - Airwatch - by visiting the following site -

Pupils will be asked to agree to ‘Acceptable Usage Policy’, which we will refer to as a Home - School agreement. It details the standards required.

How are you going to ensure pupils don't lose/mislay/have stolen this expensive piece of equipment?

Pupils must learn to bear a large portion of the responsibility and look after their iPad. Lockers are provided to all students to store their personal effects.

How will we ensure that students are not in danger when using social networking sites?

When your son or daughter's iPad or phone is connected to our WiFi at school, access to the Internet is filtered.

We block access to certain web sites and online services. However this solution alone is insufficient. For the past seven years we have run an Internet Awareness Programme, sometimes referred to as our Safer Internet Use Programme. We run this is associated with CEOPS. We will continue to educate students to ensure all our pupils are fully aware of the sinister side of the internet. We wish to ensure they understand the risks associated with social media and use it safely and positively. Let us not forget how easy it is for a student to set up a 'hotspot' with his/her smartphone, effectively bypassing the school's filtering services. Hence in part the solution to this issue lies in ensuring our pupils are properly informed.

How will the teacher stop students playing games?

The teacher will still be in charge of the classroom, and set engaging, challenging activities with expected outcomes that drive the focus of the class just as they do now.

Anecdotal reports indicate that students enjoy using the iPads and are motivated by the independence and creativity that they afford. However, if there is abuse it will be dealt with by following the rewards and sanction policy in the same way that poor behaviour is dealt with at the moment. Teachers will ask students to close the app or put the iPad away.

The Acceptable Use Policy states that students will use their iPads on their desks, not their laps This will help prevent students playing games as the staff can more easily see their screens.

Will our students be in danger if they are carrying an expensive iPad to school?

A large number of our students currently carry expensive smart phones to school and are not under threat because of this. However, our advice to students would be to hand the iPad straight over if they are challenged.

The iPad can be remotely tracked via our Mobile Device Manager, it will be labelled with Smartwater, it is insured so can be replaced and all the students' work will be backed up. Issues of this nature will be referred to the police.

What if students use the iPad to photograph each other without permission?

This issue is covered in the Acceptable Use Policy and will be taken very seriously. In the same way that it is now if a student uses their phone in this way. Playing games and taking photographs/video are possible now, as the majority of our students carry mobile phones. iPads would fit into our existing policies for dealing with such incidents.

What will happen to the iPad at break and lunchtime?

All pupils have a locker, we will encourage pupils not to leave any item of value unattended, this of course includes their iPad when it is not being used.

Will iPads be left in school bags when they have games, sport, after-school clubs etc?

No. All pupils already have lockers, in some cases two and pupils must use these secure storage locations as and when appropriate.

However, human nature being as it is, over time we do expect pupils to leave iPads in their bags despite being advised to the contrary. We hope that due to the fact that the iPad belongs to the pupils and that it is his/her personal device s/he will be persuaded to take good care of the iPad. We will also investigate the provisioning of small lockers around site to allow for an iPad to be temporarily stored, for example during lunch.