Security/Damage/iPad Care

What kind of Case do RGS recommend?

We recommend a case with corners such as a Meroo KoKo case (or equivalent)

Who repairs the iPad if it gets damages or has software issues whilst being used at school?

Schools technicians will endeavour to assist as issues arise, advising pupils when their iPad may need a repair.

Who does the repair and pays for it will depend upon the warranty of the iPad, how the damage arose and what insurance the Parent holds in relation to the device. RGS will liaise directly with third parties where appropriate and offer a short term loan of a suitable device so as to ensure continuity of learning for the pupil. The loan device will remain at school each evening.

Repairs can include broken screens, LCD replacements, damaged home buttons, headphone ports or back cases.

It is important that pupils backup their work. There are various ways to do this. We suggest all work is stored in Google Drive and ensure iCloud Backup is turned on.

Why are you recommending we insure our iPads?

We encourage all parents to ensure their child’s iPad is properly insured, so as to minimise the effect on his/her learning.

Accidents happen, which could be anything from damage due to being dropped or being mislaid. If the iPad is not covered on your home insurance, RGS recommends insuring your with Compucover.

Parents can insure an iPad for as little as £30 a year, with no excess, for both loss and damage using this broker.

How best can iPads be security marked?

We have laser etched all iPads owned by the school. This is similar to how Apple laser etch a personalised message on the back of an iPad if you order from them on-line.

We are offering a similar service - we will engrave your iPad with your name and your postcode, free of charge.

Unfortunately due to manufacturing changes with more recent iPad models, it may not be possible to engrave your device.

Devices purchased through the Apple website, may be engraved prior to delivery.

ipad engraved.png