Desktop computers

We have been using a system for many years at RGS Worcester on the desktop computers known as Network Homes but due to changes to the the operating system (macOS) and new desktop computers that require the updated macOS, we must make some changes to how you access your data on the school network.

The old system of Network homes made a direct connection to school servers when you logged on. The new system works slightly differently by creating a 'local' home folder on the computer you login to and then giving you access to your files that are stored on the server.

The new system can make logging onto a computer faster but to take advantage of this it is recommended that you login to the same computer whenever possible.

The sections on the left hand side will take you through step by step on how you can view your existing files, save new documents and organise your school work. 

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Updating to this newer system will also allow us to remain up to date with software such as Pages so that documents created on your iPad will be fully compatible with the desktop computers and vice versa.

If you have any queries please contact the IT department: