Plug-in for Mac

To install the new Citrix Plug-in for Mac, download the latest version of the Citrix Receiver from the link below. 

Download the Citrix Receiver

Locate the file in your downloads and double click Install Citrix Receiver. 

Click continue through the setup wizard. 

Once the setup is almost complete, the following screen will show, do not tick add account, just click continue.

To login to Citrix from home, follow this link or click onto Portals then Citrix from Schoolweb. We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser.

Login using your RGS username and password

Click RGSW Desktop

This should now launch a Windows desktop. If it does not, look for a downloaded file called launch.ica

Click the arrow to the right of this file and choose Always open files of this type. Click the RGSW Desktop icon again and it should automatically launch.