Information about our default app process.

Once you have installed / registered with the Airwatch MDM, then iPads will be provided with a default set of apps. You will find a default set of apps being downloaded to your iPad after you have registered.

The available set of apps may not all be downloaded and therefore it is important for you to download them yourself, from the Airwatch App Catalogue.

Information for Pupils

Register your iPad on Airwatch and view the MDM App Catalogue.

Information for Parents

The App Catalogue is designed to support all pupils in downloading the apps. However, pupils will still need to download many of them manually, to ensure only the apps required by teachers are installed. The reason for this is that we do not want our pupils to be over-burdened with apps that they do not need. Of course, all pupils may download those made available to them.

Information for Teachers

The apps below have been provided as a default set, if you want to provide apps for your pupils and they are free, please ask the pupils to download their apps before your next lesson. Free apps which are common across all departments will be added to the MDM App Catalogue over time.

If you want to provide apps for pupils which are not free, then you must provide the details in advance to the Computing & IT Department, the name of the app, the cost of the app and how many pupils will need the app.

Demand or Auto:

When apps are distributed from the MDM they can be set as Demand or Auto. If a device is already registered on the MDM and an app is set to Auto then users will receive a notification to install the app. New devices being registered will receive a notification to install the app during the registration process. Apps set to Demand will only appear in the App Catalogue and no notification will be given to install the app.


Webclips are simply 'shortcuts' to websites or resources.

Apple Apps

You can download some Apple apps for free and they may come pre installed on a new iPad,

  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Keynote
  • iTunes U
  • iMovie
  • GarageBand

The first time you open one of these apps, sign in with your Apple ID. If you forgot your Apple ID, we can help you find it.