To enrol your laptop to Airwatch, please click here and follow the instructions below:

1) Enter stafflaptop into the Group ID box and press next.

2) Enter your RGS username and password and press next.

3) Select Corporate - Dedicated from the drop down menu and press next.

4) An installer will automatically download, select click here of you are not prompted automatically to begin the download. When the download is complete, click Run.

5) If you receive the following message, press Actions.

6) Select Run anyway (if this is not shown, click More options) This only applies to this installer. If you receive this message during another installation, please check with IT before continuing.

7) Select Run

8) Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.

9) When the installation is complete, the following message will be displayed, click finish and your device is now enrolled. You can close the web browser window.

Once your device is registered, reselect RGS Staff (or RGS Student) from the available Wi-fi list and if prompted, enter your RGS email address and password to rejoin the network.