Mac OS X

To enrol your Mac with Airwatch at RGS, visit from your Mac.

All images below are for guidance only.

Step 1: Click Download

Step 2: Once the file has downloaded, locate this file in your downloads folder, and double click to open. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the Agent.

Step 3: Once the Agent has installed, the following screen will be displayed. Click Email to continue. 

Step 4: Enter your RGS email address and click continue

Step 5: Enter your RGS username and password, click continue

Step 6: Choose your device ownership from the drop down menu, select Employee owned for personal devices and Corporate dedicated for devices owned by RGS Worcester.

Step 7: Click Enable to continue

Step 8: Installation will now continue, please enter your laptop admin password when prompted

Step 9: The process is now complete, please click Quit