Airwatch Registration

Airwatch is a Mobile Device Management solution (MDM). It is a requirement that all students and staff devices (laptops, tablets & mobile phones) are registered if the user wishes to connect to the RGS Network.

More importantly, Airwatch allows us to push apps to you and also provision useful settings, for example, it will automatically setup your email and print service settings for you.

What Airwatch does:

  • It allows RGS Worcester to publish settings to devices such as email & print settings
  • It allows RGS Worcester to allocate Apps to your device
  • It enables your device to connect to WiFi at RGS Worcester
  • It can assist with locating your device if it is lost
  • If a passcode is added to the iPad during the enrolment process, Airwatch can reset that passcode if it is forgotten
  • It captures a minimal amount of information from your device
    • Your operating system version and device model
    • Security settings like encryption and passcode status
    • The work apps you’ve downloaded and their versions

What Airwatch does not do:

  • It does not allow RGS Worcester to monitor your activity
  • It does not allow access to personal content such as your texts, images, videos and browsing history.


Registration can take place at home or at RGS. If you factory reset your device at any stage, you will need to re-enrol your device to Airwatch. 

Please select the device type you wish to register and read through the instructions before you begin.

If you need to change your Apple ID on a registered device, please contact before you change the Apple ID

Windows 10 home edition is not able to enrol in Airwatch. 

You will be required to download the Airwatch agent from the App store. If you do not have the password to an App Store account, please ask the owner of the account to download the app for you. Administrator access is also required to install the Airwatch agent onto a laptop, again, please ask the laptop administrator to install this for you.